Today we celebrate the Labor Day holiday in the United States; most of us will have a quiet day off from work, enjoy a barbecue with family and friends, and maybe shop an online (or offline) sale or two. We forget that the Labor Day holiday was signed into law by President Grover Cleveland after […]

You know the old saying: those who fail to plan, plan to fail. Personal freedom is too important to leave to chance, so why not start planning today to be more free in the next 30 days? Here are 5 tips to jump-start your own personal freedom plan and make big short-term gains: Set aside […]

Just in time for July 4th weekend… Nancy & Tony will be hosting their first live online interactive chat for freedom fighters, (those who are striving to rid themselves of shackles) freedom writers (bloggers, authors, media and other influencers), and everyone else who is curious about how to define and find his/her personal freedom in […]